How to get what you want

One of my favorite books of all times is Raymond Hull’s “How to get what you want“. It was published in 1969 and thus qualifies as one of the earliest “Self-Help” books (when that genre wasn’t quite as defined as it is today). However, in contrast to a lot of modern “fluff” Raymond Hull’s book describes a very unique systematic approach how to keep yourself focused on the goals that you actually aspire for – as the 100% five star ratings on unanimously acknowledge. One of the reviewers thinks that “How to get what you want” even beats the all-time classic “Think and Grow Rich” – if you have ever read a personal growth book you probably know that that’s a pretty steep claim, one that I can wholeheartedly subscribe to.

Because Raymond Hull’s system (when you read and study it) appears so programmatic I felt compelled to turn it into a program multiple times in my life. The first crude version was a C++ windows application made with Borland Builder ;-) and several web versions followed – none of which I ever was happy with until the most recent rebirth of the project that I started in 2012 and only now pushed to a level where I am satisfied. It had to withstand an extreme test: me actually wanting to use it :-) So this┬átime around I prefer it over Raymond Hull’s written approach, so – while it is still open for a lot of possible features and functionality – it’s useful enough and a joy to work with.

In a certain way it’s my “thank you” note to Raymond Hull who passed away in 1985 and whose book has had such a profound impact on my life since 2000.

Below a few screenshots:



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